Tuesday, January 12, 2010

An Awesome Quote!

"The cartoonist, when he sketches, is going through a process of study. He
concentrates upon the model, plumbs its movement, bulk, outline. Then he sets it
down, remembering that he wants only the spirit — the "guts" of the thing he's
after. He puts into his drawing all his experience. He simplifies. He plays with his
line. He experiments. He isn't concerned with anatomy, chiaroscuro or the
symmetry of "flowing line." There's nothing highbrow about his approach to the
sketch pad. He is drawing because he likes to draw! All types of sketching benefit
the artist. Never stop sketching! Sketch at home, in the subway, on picnics, in art
school or in bed. But SKETCH!
— From the book Cartooning For Everybody by Lawrence Lariar

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